Tensei Philippines INC.
TENSEI PHILIPPINES INC. as part of the ‘Tensei Group of Companies’ is an entity consisting of subject matter experts with knowledge, experience and proven track records in the business process outsourcing (BPO), back office services (BOS), knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) and contact center services (CCS) management functions capable of servicing multiple industries across various business functions. We continually strive to be an innovative market leader in providing customized Offshore Outsourcing Management Solutions. We can improve the efficiency and cost of managing and safeguarding your key documents.

Solutions And Service Offerings

Contact Center Services
Business Process Outsourcing
Knowledge Process Outsourcing
Back Office Services
Tensei Data Net Inc. which was founded in 1996, conceived Tensei Philippines Inc. last 2014, intends to grow into a global force focusing on the expansion of operations in the emerging markets in helping businesses develop, process, manage, and analyze information more effectively across their organization by translating their core competencies into domain specific solutions.

This video is an introduction of our company that was broadcasted on Japanese news program.
Tensei Philippines Inc. are putting together solutions are made up of best-of-breed service components that work together seamlessly, while offering a single point of access, monitoring, and client interaction; keeping in mind what services are required within each industry and how these services should be structured.