Tensei Philippines Inc., established in 2014, is a Japanese funded organization that is part of Tensei Group of Companies founded in Fukui Prefecture, Japan.
Tensei Philippines is a multi-faceted organization combining both the Japanese discipline and Filipino ingenuity which offers a wide range of services that include: system development, business process outsourcing, smart building and video security solutions, and manpower solutions. We want to create innovative technology solutions that will help in transforming the future.
Vision and Mission Statement
It is through our passion and determination that we develop solutions and services to face real-world challenges for our customers. It is our love and devotion to what we do that empowers us to become a better company for ourselves, our partners, our customers and the global community.
Our Culture
Our culture is characterized by our collaborating work and drive towards the shaping of the digital world of tomorrow. We aim to develop a culture capturing the diversity of skills, know-how and perspectives of our employees. We strive for an environment where everyone feels appreciated for their work and where they can be themselves. We foster an atmosphere of respect and mutual trust and we welcome all dimensions of diversity. We create unique technology solutions using the best tools and technologies while offering our employees an opportunity for personal development.
At Tensei Philippines, we are a driving force behind digital transformation. In our workplace, you can feel a great sense of pride in our work, energy and teamwork in what we do, and focus on customer satisfaction. We are committed to continually improve and meet client’s requirements by embedding quality in everything we do.
Quality Policy
At Tensei Philippines, we dedicate ourselves to provide our clients with exceptional and cost-effective solutions by tailoring fresh strategies for an effective outsourcing solutions for every enterprise. By combining the Japanese discipline and Filipino ingenuity, we are committed to provide our clients with comprehensive service and customer satisfaction that will position us to be one of the key players in the BPO industry in the country.
To fulfill this, we shall:
1. Guarantee our clients that the information and assets they have entrusted in our hands will be treated with integrity, utmost discretionand confidentiality;
2. Ensure and maintain high quality services and solutions delivered to our clients by applying to our business operations the industry's stringent work standards, best practices, professionalism, dedication and proven technologies while bringing a passion for value and performance;
3. Continually improve the quality of our services and processes to satisfy the needs and expectations of clients;
4. Train, develop, value and support our employees in a light, enjoyable and comfortable working environment where they can be the best version of themselves in their chosen careers.
About Tensei Group
Tensei Group was founded by President Masaharu Matsuura in August 1996 and its office is located in Fukui Prefecture, Japan. With more than 21 years in the technology service industry serving five out of the nine internet banks in Japan, insurance, railways, logistics and stock market under its name, the company has remained strong and continuously innovating throughout the years.
Our Purpose
Our purpose is to enable organizations run their businesses and operations better through efficiency-enhancing technology solutions.
Tensei Group Corporate Structure
Learn more about the team that makes Tensei Philippines unique.
Tensei Philippines – Board of Directors
The Executives of Tensei Philippines are responsible for the direction,
strategy, affairs, organization and operation of the company.