"iBMS for Hotel" is an iBMS customized for the accommodation industry.
With full contactless self check-in and control of room amenities, you can get the following benefits:

▼ Operators

  1. Cost reduction due to labor-saving front office operations.
  2. No need to manage physical keys.
  3. Optimize guest rooms and provide hospitality to guests.
  4. Example: Air conditioning is automatically turned on one hour before check-in.

▼ Guests

  1. No need to wait for check-in. Reduction of contact risk.
  2. Control all air conditioning, TV, and lighting with guestroom tablet/own smartphone.



Full contactless check-in

Guests can check in without going to the front desk.


Smart Lock

You can enter your room with the electronic key sent at the time of booking.


Check room on tablet

You can check the facilities and contact the front desk with just a tablet.


Inbound correspondence

Japanese and English supported. Support for Chinese, Korean, etc. is planned.


  1. Add the following hardware to Guest room
    1. Remote Control Operation(IR remote control)
    2. Environmental Sensor(CO2/Temp & Humid sensor)
    3. Surveillance Camera(Outdoor)
    4. People Counter Camera(Indoor)
  2. Remotely control air conditioners and TV in a guest room using Tablet.
  3. Monitor the temperature, humidity, and CO2 status inthe guest room using tablet. Automatic controls airconditioners and purifiers according to condition.
  4. Admin can monitor the no. of people in the room in real time
  5. By linking with PMS, from the time a guest make a reservation on the reservation site to the time theycheck in is automated.
  6. Can see the reservation and usage status of guest rooms.
  7. After check-out, it is linked to the cleaning management function of the PMS

Guest Screen

Admin Screen

If you want to experience and explore more, you can

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