Tensei Data Net (TDN) starts with the intuition to share the knowledge into clients and individuals who wish to learn the advance technology of automation, more specifically to give opportunity to young individuals to become a global technology competitive.

TDN become group of companies with the hard work of our President Mr. Takamori Nishikawa.

TDN achieved a gold certification partnership with Fujitsu Co. Ltd. and officially launched iBMS - Intelligent Building Management System within Japan and established outsourcing business with United State Market.

Through aggressive perseverance, iBMS was legally registered under Tensei Phil Inc. (TPI) as official and only distributor of iBMS in the Philippines, with consisted promotion created partnership with highly known corporations.

TDN is the primarily source of iBMS and locally established in the Philippines as Tensei Philippines Inc.

Ideally a good start to promote TDN technology not only in Japan and Philippines but soon with any part of the world that has an opportunity to open for IoT or iBMS partnerships and exposure.With the company main objective to become one of the leading software automation provider not only in Japan and Philippines but all over the world. See all...

intelligent Building Management System(iBMS)


iBMS stands for "Intelligent Building Management System" and is a service to make your building more comfortable.
It can be installed in accommodations and office buildings.
Other IoT platforms are also available.
The benefits of iBMS implementation are as follows
  • Realization of non-contact operation by remote control of devices with sensors
  • High user satisfaction through remote control and automatic operation settings
  • Reduction of labor costs by streamlining operations
  • Analysis of accumulated data and proposals for improvement based on that data

Development of the iBMS series

Due to its structure, iBMS can expand the device and functions according to the customer's industry and needs.
Due to this high scalability, iBMS has developed a series specialized for each industry.
The iBMS series is currently expanding through encounters with customers.