Accelerating RPA
Robot Process Automation
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Robot Process Automation
We aim to maximize the efficiency and productivity of our customers' businesses through RPA.
We want to help you analyze your business process, identify manual processes, etc., and propose a method to introduce RPA according to your needs.
RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is a breakthrough technology that replaces the iterative, rule-based work done by humans. RPA can be very cost effective.
Our Services
・RPA Integration into Existing System
The RPA robot can be reconfigured to integrate the existing systems. We offer the RPA simple task automation across your platform to handle repetitive business processes like extracting data from Web, sending e-mails and transferring files.
・RPA Stand-alone System
The RPA robot literally does what a human would do. Tasks such as data retrieval and entry, button clicks, file uploads and downloads, or invoice processing.
Our Process
1. Analysis
It is the most important and fundamental stage of the RPA development process. In this phase, the requirement of the client is given more prominence and the decision is made whether to automate the process or not.
2. Design
It is the phase where the designing of the steps is taken into consideration.
It is reviewed based on various parameters as risk assessment, design modularity, budget and time constraints, the best design approach is selected for robot delivery.
3. Development
The Development phase is the phase wherein the actual robot development process starts and the product is built. RPA developer team aims to complete the target in timeline of development.
4. Testing
In this stage, quality of the product has been assured. The robot is tested in the pre-production environment to test how the users can use this robot to automate a specific task.
5. Deployment
In this last stage, the robot is deployed into the production environment. If there are any issues with the robot, it will go back to the development and testing team to resolve the issue.
Operating Environment
On-premise Type
Deploy the RPA software on your on-premise server. On-premise server is an in-house server that is operated by in-house equipment.
On-premise Type
Cloud (SaaS) Type
RPA software located on a cloud server that can be accessed over the Internet via a web browser.
Cloud (SaaS) Type
Introduction Example: Attendance Management
Outline of work: Attendance management using Excel

1. Log in to the attendance management system on the WEB and press the [Attendance] button.

2. Employee attendance time is recorded in the attendance management system.

3. The following information will output as a log file.

(1) Number assigned to each employee, (2) Employee name, (3) Time of arrival (1 day = 1 log file)

4. Transfer the contents of the log file to Excel.
(This is the part where automation was verified this time)

⇒ Work to automate

5. Send Excel to each administrator.

6. Each manager confirms the time when his subordinates arrive at work and gives guidance if necessary.
Automation Content

1. Copy the Excel file for finalizing of attendance information for last month

2. Access the environment where the log file in which attendance record is stored, and open the log file that manages attendance information.

3. Copy the necessary information from the log file that manages attendance information and paste it into this month's attendance information management Excel file.
Demo Video
Introduction Result
Automated Work
Working Manual
63 seconds per day (Attendance log)
17 mins per day (Attendance log)
63 seconds × 30days = 0.525 hours per month
17 mins × 30 days = 8.5 hours per month
0.525 hours × 12 months = 6.3 hours
8.5 hours × 12 months = 102 hours
Total: 6.3 hours yearly
Total: 102 hours yearly
【102 hours (Manual Work) - 6.3 hours (Automated Work) = 95.7 hours (Saved Work hours)】
【(95.7 hours (Saved work) / 102 hours (Manual Work)) × 100 = 93% (Work hour reduction)】
That is approximately 93% work hours reduction!!
Benefits of Introduction
automate reduction improve devote
Are you struggling like this in your work?
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Other Examples
BPO Service Supply Chain Management
Accounting/Treasure Human Resources
Health Care Electronic Commerce
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