System Development
(Tensei Philippines – SE Division)
We offer full-cycle development services for web, mobile and desktop – from analysis, planning to development, QA strategy, deployment and maintenance. At Tensei Philippines, we always find the right balance among price, quality, and project requirements so we can offer the best solution for your particular needs. From analysis to finish, our development team will work closely with you in every step along the way to ensure that your requirements are being met. We assure that you retain full intellectual property rights and the software source code. In addition to that, we offer maintenance and support services to help you continuously improve the application.
Our Services
•Web Application Development
Aside from being user-friendly, we develop web applications that is easy to maintain, secure and scalable for business use, social computing, web portals, e-commerce, business process automation and other solutions tailored to your requirements and needs.
•Mobile Application Development
If you’re looking to leverage mobile technology for your business, we are here at your service. Our development team can create native, web or hybrid application for the mobile needs of your organization or for you to reach your customers on their favorite devices.
•Software Testing and Quality Assurance
We offer customized testing services for all software applications. We ensure that your software meets quality standards and your expectations based on various parameters like applicability, functionality, security and scalability.
•Document Management Solution
We offer a web-based document management system that allows your organization to manage any document in a digital format used to store, retrieve, manage and track documents. Capable of keeping a record of the various versions created and modified by different users(Version control).
System Development
System Development
Our Process
We offer flexible software development models depending on your specific needs or requirements in order for you to have full control over the project.
•Waterfall Model
Our team works on different phases of the project in a sequential manner to accomplish a specific task with clear objectives in which the progress is done downwards like a waterfall that includes design, testing, installation, operations, troubleshooting, analysis, and maintenance.
•Agile Model
We employ agile methodology involving the integration of iterative and incremental processes with a focus on flexibility and customer satisfaction. We divide each task into small time frames to deliver specific features for a quick release.
•Rapid Application Development (RAD)
The RAD model is a sharp alternative to the typical waterfall development model and heavily emphasizes rapid prototyping and iterative delivery. The key benefit of RAD approach is its fast project turnaround, making it an attractive choice for working in a fast-paced environment. This focuses on minimizing the planning stage and maximizing the prototype development.
TRAINING FOR SYSTEM ENGINEERS IN JAPAN We train our system engineers in our office in Japan where we hone their knowledge and technical expertise; and exposing them to Japanese work etiquette and culture.