Tensei Philippines provides a comprehensive training program in Japan for our qualified system engineers that includes training for Japanese language, business manners, technical skills and knowledge, company culture and working standards. And also, they will get to have a personal enriching experience living in Japan - learning about their culture and tradition.
Following the standards in the IT field of the 21st century, we developed our technical training program system to equip system engineers with the skills and capabilities they need. Our program is designed to enhance proficiency and to realize the full potential of our system engineers through an in-depth training in Japan.
Our system engineers will have the chance to be trained in Fukui Prefecture (where our main office is located) and in Tokyo for 2 years. After their training, our system engineers will be able to use all the knowledge and skills they've gained to apply it in developing next-level solutions to solve business challenges.
Tensei Philippines wants to play a key role in addressing the language and cultural barriers between Japan and the Philippines. Through this, we will able to produce system engineers that are instilled with values from both countries which can accelerate their professional development and help them remain current in today's competitive marketplace. This is what sets Tensei Philippines apart.